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Compressed Air & Gas
Air/gas compressors and pumps
Technical gases and CO2 plants
Chemical equipment and piping
Pressure vessels and piping systems containing air or gases
Thermal relief
Rail Industry
Medical gases

Autoclaves and sterilizers
Clean steam
Pharmaceutical industry
Coffee machines
Multi-purpose plants
Steam boilers and plants

Pressure vessels/receivers
Cryogenics including oxygen and special gases
Medical gas equipment
Cryogenic compressor applications
Container lorries and cryogenic trailers
Industrial freezing

Liquefied Gas
Liquefied gas storage
Gas testing systems
Pressure vessels/receivers
Pressure equipment and piping
Fire fighting equipment
LPG/LNG terminals, carriers etc.

Compressor manufacture
Industrial refrigeration
Commercial refrigeration
Ice making machinery
Air conditioning

Pumping systems and Hydraulic systems
Thermal relief
Waste water management
Oil transfer
Petrochemical industries
Fire fighting equipment
Water cooling and feeding systems